Saturday, January 26, 2013

Now THAT was FUN! Pre-Shrunk: ART for ALL!

Hey everyone!  Now that PRE-SHRUNK 2013 has opened officially, you can see ALL of the works in the show online at our website at:  Once you get there, simply click on the first link you see, that says "Pre-Shrunk 2013" and prepare to be amazed.

There are over 300 works included in the show, by over 70 artists! The opening reception was very very very busy! Once 7pm came, the main doors opened, and the art-hungry mob appeared. There were moms, and dads, kids,  friends, artists, babies, tall people, shorter people, all sorts of people...everyone came out on a cold night and was warmed by the art...or the very hot gallery that occured from all the people. In just a 24 hour period, we have sold over 70 little paintings! Wow.

Thank everyone that came out to support local art and  to all of the artists that submitted work for the show (those on the wall and those that we couldn't include this year) You are appreciated! Thank you to Crystal, Krista, and Joe...and Jury Folk and Website Tech Support. Couldn't do it without you guys.

The show continues until February 13th, and there are so many other wonderful works to purchase or just enjoy at the gallery so please do come by if you are in the area and bring a friend. We're open again on Tuesday. And of course, enjoy them online anytime!

With Thanks,
Adriana Afford; Owner
Argyle Fine Art