Friday, March 8, 2013


Did you know that Argyle Fine Art is owned and operated by one talented and very hardworking FEMALE named Adriana Afford? You probably did, but I thought it fitting to highlight this little factoid on a day like today, when the females in our lives ought be reminded of their accomplishments. The issues and odds that are stacked against women's equality are often downplayed, so lets remember that there IS still MUCH work to be done! And if you don't mind, I'd also like to emphasize the talented female artists we represent... here's a look at just a few:

Angela Carlsen!! (Next Solo Show Opens on March 22nd)
Bryanna Chapeskie!
 Mary Garoutte!
 Melissa Townsend!
Shelley Mitchell!
Twila Robar DeCoste!

 Jennifer Harrison!
 Adrienne Godbout!
Kim Naumann!
 Dawn McNutt!