Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lynch & Son's Historic Houses in Halifax

Kerry Lynch is reaching into the past by unearthing a series of architectural drawings created by his father in the 70's. Lucky for us, Kerry's made this series available in print form (4" x 6") and has included his own colourful touches. What a wonderfully personal tribute to Halifax's historic houses,  these drawings have become!

Kerry was also  kind enough to provide us with a little information on the series:
"Lynch and Son's Halifax collection of historic houses were originally drawn by Andy Lynch in the 1970s while attending Dalhousie Architecture School. While a few of the significant homes of Halifax’s history have been felled, the collection lives on as a snapshot of a proud moment in period architecture. The drawings have been digitized, scanned at high resolution and color added to create a contemporary and vibrant version of the past. Seven pallets were chosen and are based on colors from Lunenburg and Hal Forbes work in North End Halifax. The house at 2120 Brunswick is the first of 5 in the Halifax collection"

These postcard sized prints are now available at the gallery.
They're priced at $3 each.. a real steal if you ask me!