Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hey Look! It's Argyle Fine Art ...in ART and a Postcard you can soon buy too!

Hello Everyone and welcome back to the blog, after what some of us at least in Canada experienced was "colder than the normal temperatures for this time of year Long Victoria Day Weekend".Brrrrr....pretty much sums it up. To our American friends, we hope for the best for your holiday weekend fast approaching.

It sure is hard to get back to the regular activities and responsibilities after a break, but with great new projects on the horizon, it makes the task easier like this postcard we are printing, with ARGYLE FINE ART on the front. Do you recognize any of the artworks inside?  We especially like the ever-popular squid which adorned our windows for a few months. He has since found a loving home.

This is what we gave to the artist, Bryanna Chapeskie, as a working photograph for the commission:

Quick snapshot of the outside of Argyle Fine Art on a clear May day by Crystal Ross

And this is the wonderful watercolour she created, which is being made into postcards as I write this.

Original artwork by Bryanna Chapeskie that will be on a postcard soon! Ask to see the original work when you're in next!
 Make sure to drop by Argyle Fine Art and pick a few of these up for friends and one for yourself too!

 If you do happen to attend a  "Local Tasting Tour" (check out  amazing tour outlines here:    http://localtastingtours.com/) you will receive a little coupon to trade in for one of these little beauties from us! Check out these tours, especially if you have guests visiting; it's a unique way to see the city and taste things along the way.