Thursday, May 9, 2013


There's plenty of happenings to keep you entertained over the next three days, and it all starts this evening with the "Meet Your Local, Gala And Spring Fundraiser" where amazing locals will be displaying and providing the best of what they have to offer. We'll have artists Basil Doucette, Nick Brunt, Justin Lee and Lana Grant in our room amongst a selection of beautiful artwork.

And if you're unable to attend tonight's festivities, or, if you're up for a double dose of fine art, tomorrow evening is a big night for art openings::: SHELLEY MITCHELL, AARON LASHOMB, ALEXIS DOIRON AND JENNY MORTON are opening new shows with us. Opening Receptions are Tomorrow (FRIDAY) from 7-9pm.

Shelley Mitchell
Alexis Doiron (right) Jenny Morton (left)
Aaron Lashomb

 And last but not least, is Saturday's OPEN CITY!!! have a look here at all the details, maps and events happening throughout the city. It's going to be fantastic!!