Thursday, July 25, 2013

Grab your noise makers and start up the cheers!!!! GO! GO! MARY GAROUTTE!

Our hearts are all aflutter with anticipation for tomorrow nights ART BATTLE finals held at the AGO in Toronto. This national live painting competition will feature the very mighty Mary Garoutte (being the recent winner of the Halifax championships) and we can't possibly be jumping up and down with more excitement. Mary isn't one to place herself in the spotlight, so lets all rally together in support of her courageous endeavour.... not that she needs it, because if you ask me she's got this one in the bag. This lady has natural talent in spades.

If you find yourself in Toronto tomorrow evening, please make your way to the AGO at 7pm on behalf of Adriana and I, and go absolutely NUTS with the cheering. Really. You have our full support to make a big, hysterical scene (errm.. so long as it's not distracting to Mary.. please let the girl focus!!Haha)      

(above is one of Mary Garoutte's paintings that will be on feature during her solo show September 21 here at the gallery)
From the Art battle website: 
On Friday, July 26th, you are invited to see the greatest Art Battle event ever. More than 600 people will join us at the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) for a truly National Championship. After more than 98 rounds and 250 painters, one night remains in this amazing season of live competitive painting, and we have saved the best for last!

 Go Get'em Mary. Go Get'em Good.