Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pumped for Brunt!

Ok guys, you're going to have to start shuffling those leggy limbs down to the gallery as fast as possible, because these pieces (below) have JUST ARRIVED and they're selling REEEALLY QUICKLY.  This new body of work is making quite the splash on our white walls, and has 
already attracted people of all ages into the gallery - Isn't that nice?! We've got those fantastic Film Festival T's here too - emblazoned with Nick's fantastic film fest design AND tagged with hand drawn tags (while supplies last! He only drew 20!)

To mark this special occasion, Mr. Brunt will be visiting the gallery on Saturday (August 3rd) from 1-3. 
Please join us! 
Campsite at Long Island 18" x 24"
View from Cliff at Cambridge #2     18" x 24"

Sold & Sold
View from Cliff at Cambrige #1      18" x  24"