Thursday, July 10, 2014

A very very very late.....HIGH NOON at NOON #6- Nick Brunt

We apologize for the lateness. It's far past noon...although it's probably noon somewhere....

  WELCOME TO OUR  continuing  bi-yearly event, HIGH NOON at NOON where we feature ONE piece of art at HIGH NOON that is priced at a special price but for just 24 hours! The works selected for these days, are works that the gallery and artist that created them feel is some of their best works...but haven't found a home yet. We'd like to introduce you to these works and hope that some of them find a home with you.

Today's HIGH NOON featured work is one of our favourite pieces by Nick Brunt!!!  WHY IS IT STILL HERE! Hopefully, once you see this, you'll call us and make it yours!  Nick was voted as BEST ARTIST of Halifax by The Coast readership, and well...we are a little bias. The name of the painting alone, is awesome:  North American Pond Owl, measuring 18" x 24", Mixed Media on Board.


Until tomorrow at HIGH NOON(6pm), this work is priced at  $295. After that time,it will go back to it's original price of $475.