Saturday, July 5, 2014

HIGH NOON at NOON #2- July Edition: Gordon MacDonald

Greetings Everyone! Each January and July we do annual inventory at Argyle Fine Art, and come across works that have been living at the gallery for quite some time but are wonderful!

So, from now until July 14th,  we are continuing our HIGH NOON at NOON where we feature ONE piece of art at HIGH NOON that is priced at a special price but for just 24 hours! The works selected for these days, are works that the gallery and artist that created them feel is some of their best works...but haven't found a home yet. We'd like to introduce you to these works and hope that some of them find a home with you.

Today's HIGH NOON featured work is by artist Gordon MacDonald and is called "Fearan Chierstedville" which translates from Gaelic to English to "Kiersteadville, New Brunswick."

This work measures 11" x 14, Oil on Board,  as was originally painted in 2005 and then revisited again in 2008 and then again some time after that. What changed? Subtle things mostly, the sky became brighter and the tones warmer. This piece glows and has been a favourite of ours for years! The clouds look as if they will float out of the painting and into your living room. 

It is framed in a simply charcoal frame in good condition, measuring approximately 2.5" wide, making the framed dimensions of the work 15.5" x 18.5" .

Until tomorrow at HIGH NOON, this work is priced at $575.   After that time, it will go back to it's original price of $750

**Yesterday's HIGH NOON (Stuart Melanson's Sunflower is still available at the HIGH NOON Price, due to the fact most of us didn't have power to access our website and blog Saturday afternoon! See on July 4th entry below**