Saturday, May 30, 2015


Welcome to STUDIO SATURDAYS with Argyle Fine Art. It's hard to believe this series began waaaay back in January! And now it's almost June...thank goodness!  

We're excited to invite you into the studio of artist Briana Corr-Scott. Briana is one of the busiest artists we know- she is a super mom to some amazing children, she illustrates beautiful paper works such as colouring books suitable for all ages and makes vintage inspired paper dolls and oh yeah... she paints amazing works of art that constantly inspire many.

Below are some great examples of how Briana begins- with the still-life set-up...and how the painting progresses....

BEFORE....(interesting tip: the ceramics featured in this STILL LIFE are by Toni Losey) , who was last weeks STUDIO SATURDAYS feature- we love it when our artists collaborate!
AFTER (This painting is currently available for sale and even more beautiful in person!)

Briana has such a great eye , that even her casual images of her studio work spaces look dreamy and magical.....

SEE THE LATEST WORKS BY BRIANA CORR-SCOTT by Clicking HERE. Be careful may fall in love with ART! But don't worry....we can help you you that.