Saturday, May 2, 2015

STUDIO SATURDAYS: Getting Ready for the Show

Today on STUDIO SATURDAYS, we thought we'd share a few "in progress" shots of emerging artist Craig Baltzer preparing for his solo show of works, opening next Saturday, May 9th, 1-3pm. Make sure to pop by to see the show and meet Craig.

We believe that by sharing these stories, studio sneak peeks and talking to our buyers, that some of you will see art for what it really is: people communicating and talking to one another through paint, clay, metal etc. Artists are real people. Collectors are real people.  And growing an appreciation for the arts begins when you stop to look and make a connection!

In the Studio of Craig Baltzer

Craig took images of one of his paintings from beginning to end. See it below.

In the beginning....sometimes, there are a few sketches; an idea is forming
Then the idea gets more developed....
...and then a little bit more....

It's really starting to take shape now....

And's done!  Although one of the hardest things about painting is knowing...when it's complete.

Here is a sneak peek into another work, just the beginning stages!  Make sure to look for it next week, all complete!