Saturday, October 29, 2016


Hey everyone! It's been a busy week or two at the gallery. We think we've recovered from the citywide late night art festival, NOCTURNE and then the following weekend with CITY HARVEST, and a few artist talks and shows this week to top it all off...phew....getting a tad exhausted just recapping it all here. However we've finally reached Saturday, and you know what that means!  STUDIO SATURDAYS! We get to enter the studio of yet another gallery artist!!

Today we are very excited to share just a glimpse into the studio of young emerging artist, Damien Webb from the Liverpool, Nova Scotia. If you've been into the gallery recently, you'll remember that Damien is the artist that created the miniature intricate sets made of mostly re-purposed paper, for our on-going exhibit GET SET which you can see HERE.   (keep in mind, a penny is larger than the "I want to Believe" poster featured below...)

We're also very excited to announce we'll be hosting a solo show of works by Damien in February 2017!  Anyway, enough rambling...without further adieu...the studio of Damien Webb- whom we refer to as the master of miniature. Just WOW.