Friday, November 4, 2016

Oh, PAL-o-MINE you are so Fine

Well tonight is the night where we unveil two bodies of art by two spectacular local artists- Danny Abriel and Kim Floyd! Both shows are now on the walls so drop by anytime, attend the opening reception tonight, Friday, Nov. 4th 7pm-9pm, or visit online anytime! Both shows continue until the end of November.

** Make sure to check out our STUDIO SATURDAYS blog post tomorrow at noon to learn more about Danny Abriel, as our featured artist studio!**

Staring out at all these beautiful colourful works from our desk this afternoon, in particular the paintings by Kim Floyd...are making us hungry!  Kim's painted a series of works that fill the gallery with nostalgia in the form of paintings of popular food brands that are associated with our shared Canadian culture and memories.

Earlier this week, we learned from one of our gallery artists a little bit of history about the Ganong Brothers Company and their chocolate bar, PAL-o-MINE so we headed over to the internet for a bit of specific info.

For example, bet you didn't know that Pal-o-Mine, a soft fudge, coconut and peanut bar covered in dark chocolate is Ganong's oldest product that was first introduced in 1920 and is still being made today!

And get this! Pal-o-Mine was the first chocolate bar in Canadian history to be wrapped! 
"Ganong Bros.' Limited has been one of the Canadian chocolate industry's most important companies. Arthur Ganong was the first to make any sort of a wrapped chocolate bar; Ganong began selling the first chocolate bars in 1910. In 1920 they began using the brand name "Pal-o-Mine" for their chocolate bar.The company also was the first to introduce a heart-shaped box of chocolates in North America. The heart-shaped boxes were originally used for presents over the Christmas season before it also succeeded around Valentine's Day."

Now you can seem smart at the next party you attend or when you are with coffee with friends and enjoy a little chocolate while your at it! Or if you want to skip the calories, why not buy this painting featured above by Kim Floyd. It measures 8" x 5", acrylic on board.See the entire show ONLINE HERE.