Thursday, December 15, 2016

GIVING to Others- It's a Beautiful thing!

We just wanted to write a quick thank-you to everyone that helped donate to the Navigator Outreach Program this holiday season! With your help we were able to gather together a great amount of useful items for the colder months ahead.

We also have a heart warming story, shared by one of our friends of the gallery read on:

"I wanted to include my two grandchildren Lahna and William and to have them involved and see how they can help others less fortunate. They went shopping with me and picked up the items and I was amazed how they really  put a lot of thought into  the items they choose.They were excited to deliver them to you. They both proudly spoke in their classroom about it!"

For those of you that are interested in finding out more about what this amazing group does for many homeless folks who find themselves on our streets, we hope to do another info session in the Spring and do another gathering of gifts for those in need. Happy Holidays everyone! Remember to GIVE back whenever you have an opportunity to do so. Just the simplest things make all the difference.