Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Pre-Shrunk's Last Day! Come find an original Treasure for just $175!

Well it's hard to believe, but tomorrow will be the beginning of March already! Fortunately for us here in Atlantic Canada, we've been enjoying a much deserved series of "fake spring" days as of late and with that seeing lots of folks out and about, enjoying the sunshine, blue skies and snow-free sidewalks.

Pre-Shrunk painting by Gordon MacDonald still available!
 It's also the last day to see the Pre-Shrunk show miniature paintings, and although over half of the show sold  (thank you every one!)  there are still many gems remaining that require a first or second glance....and a home with you.

Here are just a few works, to showcase the diversity of this exhibit. But you find the entire show online HERE 

Pull up a chair! Megan LeForte from PEI submitted this work for Pre-Shrunk!

Perfect for any of you that long to walk on the beach again and collect all the glorious shells. This work is by Briana Corr-Scott who will be having a solo show with us in early April.
Hey, no BULL!   This painting would love to head home with you. This charcoal drawing by Abigail Lower is sure to delight!
As we said, this show is a collection of so many different styles, including this mini marionette of LEMMY from Motorhead. Surprisingly, he is still here but wants to hang out with you today! This work is by Darren Moreash.
Here's a work by Kim Eddy whom you'll be hearing about a lot soon from us, as she has a solo show opening THIS FRIDAY, MARCH 3rd!  These works are painted with acrylic but also have many layers of resin that create a three dimensional quality about them in person. A must see!
What an unusual topic for a painting, but that's what we love about the artwork of Mirco Chen. This work is called Gas Lighting.

Crows crows crows!  There were so many crows at our show this year, but all were so wonderful. Here's one by Sharon Cave that looks as if he is prepping for a "selfie".
This Mini sculpture is made from a re-purposed baby shoe and found objects by Kim Danio. Always a delight..and these pretzels are making me thirsty!

Natasha Miller takes us to a quiet scene on a warmer day...with her unique "pizza" derived charcoal paintings. This one is still available!
This beautifully illustrated and painted work by Sarah Christie is still here!  Make it yours!
Anyway, as you can see...the variety and talent is endless. All the works measure 4" x 5" and are just $175 each. Shipping is minimal in cost as the works are small. So take some time to see what's still available and get in touch! These works make great gifts for any occasions...like Easter, graduation and wedding season around the corner!