Saturday, March 4, 2017


A customer just told us she just heard someone say that today the temperature is actually colder in Nova Scotia than it is in Antarctica! WHAT!!!  At least when you visit the gallery this week or ONLINE HERE NOW  you can dive into the ocean or walk along the shore with a light breeze and the sunlight warming you all over thanks to the talent of Kimberley Eddy....ahhhhhh

Here are  few images of what the gallery looks like now, but be sure to drop by and experience the latest works by Kimberley Eddy in her first solo show at Argyle Fine Art called "Winter Escape". You really have to see these works in person to fully appreciate the multi-dimensional qualities of them. As you look into them you will see something different every moment.Amazing and perfect for this time of year, when we all need a lift!

Good news! They are affordably priced too and will make you so so happy.  The show continues until March 23rd, but visit early for a great selection!