Monday, March 13, 2017

Do you like butter, buttercup?

We've been thinking about Spring lately, even though there's still a few days left of Winter on the calendar and the wind still has quite a chill. Despite warnings of another storm in the air, there are so many signals that spring is making it's way back to us with birds chirping happily in the trees. (cue the lovely bird paintings of Danny Bilsborough below...tweet tweet sweet!)

 The ground is getting softer under our feet, the animals are getting "frisky", gardener friends are beginning their seedlings and social media is abuzz with blooming flowers beginning in other parts of Canada. (cue the adorable new batch of needlefelted animals by Dorothyanne Brown)

It also made us think of that popular game we'd play as children with a spring flower that many regard as a menace on their lawns: the buttercup.You simply hold a buttercup flower underneath your chin, and if your neck lights up yellow then it's conclusive, empirical proof that you like butter!
And then our train of thought went immediately to BUTTER! 

Good old Canadian butter is the best and artist Kim Floyd is back at painting some butter pop art style. Stirling Butter comes from Stirling, Ontario and they have some of the most colourful and typographically pleasing packaging! Just look how Kim captured it, in all it's deliciousness. 

Do you prefer Unsalted?

Stirling Unsalted, acrylic on board, 8" x 10", Kim Floyd, $375
Or do you prefer Salted?

Stirling Salted, acrylic on board, 8" x 10", Kim Floyd, $375

Make sure to drop by the gallery this March Break week with your family and friends if you are off. If you are working, never fear- give yourself a break with art over your lunch hour. We'll have lots of delicious paintings for you to enjoy and no shortage of SPRING inspiration!