Friday, March 10, 2017

Home is Where the House Is: Craig Baltzer



We're excited to announce that artist Craig Baltzer is going to be in the gallery drawing and painting tomorrow -Saturday, March 11th so make sure to drop by and see art in the making. He'd love to paint or draw a special work just for you too!

If you have an idea for an artwork of your home or a special place in your city you love, bring your ideas or a picture along and we can arrange a commission starting at $50 and up. If you live at a distance, you can email your ideas or pictures and we'll help arrange an extra special work just for you. Personalized paintings make memorable gifts too!

Craig loves architecture especially, as you can probably tell from the latest works.

 Craig's love of art has been a lifelong love affair that began with photography. He has always loved to draw and sketch but most people have come to know him for his paintings at the gallery, until recently when he had an eureka moment!

 Craig has found a way to combine all these mediums into his recent body of works. Many begin as photos or sketches.Then Craig heads into the studio to continue sketching with ink on wood and most recently has added watercolour to the works. The results are stunning and are filled with subtle colours and texture using the grains of the wood to his advantage.

We still have some small works by Craig too, from our Pre-Shrunk show that celebrates small works measuring 4" x 5". They have an almost art deco approach to our ever changing city.