Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Warmer Weather Wish List

Is it snowing? Really? We hadn't noticed because we've been too busy thinking of all the things we're looking forward to once the warmer weather arrives. Join us in ignoring whatever is happening outside with our warmer weather wish list...

1. The return of street vendors and food trucks! Mmm tasty foods that you can enjoy outside.

Kim Danio, Nachos Food Cart, Reclaimed Shoe

Kim Danio, Gecko Bus, Reclaimed Shoe

2. Barbecues! Now let's be honest, we barbecue all year round here - but the return of barbecues where you're not freezing your fingers off is an extremely delightful thought!

Alex MacAskill, Eatin' Good, 18"x24", Woodcut Print

3. The beach! We can't wait to head back to the beach and listen to the ocean waves lap against the shore while we soak up some sun!

Katharine Burns, Low Sun, 6"x24", Oil on Canvas

Gordon MacDonald, 517, 4"x5", Oil on Copper

4. A stroll or some theatre at Point Pleasant Park! Such a lovely little escape from the city, no wonder our artists are often inspired by it!

Jan Davison, Point Pleasant #1, 12"x12", Acrylic on Board
Caitlin McGuire, Intermission on the Berm, 6"x8", Oil on Board

Caitlin McGuire, Park Place, 11"x14", Oil on Canvas

5. Roadtrips! Ah to be out on the open road having an adventure and discovering new places!

Angela Carlsen, California Motel, 24" x 36" Mixed Media on Aluminum

Angela Carlsen, Steam Heat, 11"x14", Mixed Media on Aluminum
Yoko White. Sambro Island Lighthouse, Hand Embroidered

6. Camping! We're excited to get out and pitch a tent at one of the many great parks or lakes this province has to offer!

Nick Brunt, The View from Here, 9"x12", Acrylic on Board

Nick Brunt, The Stills, 8"x10", Acrylic on Board     

Danny Abriel, Susie's Lake Patience, 18"x24", Acrylic on Canvas

Ahhhh. Feeling warmed up yet? We are! If not pop by the gallery and come enjoy some warm weather art to help you feel inspired!