Friday, May 19, 2017

Long Weekend Running & Relaxation

It's time for the long weekend, and we hope you get to enjoy some rest and relaxation. Unless you're running in the Bluenose Marathon, then don't slow down just yet, you've got this!  Are you ready?!!

Congratulations to everyone who's running this weekend on all your hard work. My only advice as a non runner is to drink lots of water and stay hydrated.

If you can't make it out of the city maybe these pieces by Danny Abriel will transport you to the lake. His calm serene scenes are almost like looking out the window during a tranquil day by the water.

Danny Abriel, Fellowship at the Pond, 18"x24", Acrylic on Canvas

Or how about a walk through one of our local parks, like Point Pleasant, as a temporary escape?

Danny Abriel, Friendship at Point Pleasant Park, 18"x36", Acrylic on Canvas

If you do make it out to the cottage we have some new prints in by Briana Corr Scott that would be perfect for the calm vibe you're cultivating. Both are reproductions of her original watercolour works.

Briana Corr Scott, Sea Shore Study 1, 11"x4", Watercolour Reproduction Print

Briana Corr Scott, Sea Shore Study 2, 11"x14", Watercolour Reproduction Print
And if you choose to just hang around home and do some gardening, watch out for this season's bees...we've got lots of them at the gallery right now!

New watercolours by Michelle SaintOnge remind us to take care of those animals and insects that need our help! This is "Plumpy" the bee
Hand Embroidered Bee Necklace by Yoko White

Wherever the long weekend takes you we hope it's sunny!