Thursday, May 11, 2017

Open City & Mother's Day featuring Angela Doak

This Saturday, May 13th, is I Love Local's Open City here in Halifax! There's so much to do around Halifax, check out some of the fun here. Here at the gallery we're going to have artist Michelle St Onge, who's show "Ancestra Obscura" is currently on display, doing some live painting; we'll have the lovely folks from The Halifax Honey Company here doing tastings of their infused honeys; and we'll have Hope for Wildlife on site with Norman the kestrel. You'll definitely have to come out and be part of the fun!

Norman the Kestrel via Hope For Wildlife

When artist Angela Doak found out about Norman's visit she was inspired to create a kestrel collage. She kindly shared some of her process shots with us.

It's particularly fitting that Mother's Day falls the day after Norman's visit, as Doak began her collage work when her children were young, as an artform that was sustainable with young kids but also something she could involve them in. Doak also has an animal alphabet book coming out soon, so keep your eyes peeled for it!

Kestrel collage by Angela Doak

So get downtown for Open City and join us here at the gallery to meet Norman, Michelle, taste some honey and see some artwork that is the bees knees!