Tuesday, December 5, 2017

December Days- Better Late than Never

This past Saturday we were serving up hot cider and donuts to all that visited our gallery; as people were just beginning to do some scouting for holiday ideas and gifts. We were also fundraising for the annual Christmas Daddies Telethon and were on television presenting our gift of money and some art too, with artist William Rudolph. Thanks to all that helped out!

 All this to say.....we didn't put up our December Days special on Saturday as we ran out of time and energy, so here it is today....better later than never. It's this wonderful piece by Gordon MacDonald!

This work is called "The Blue House" and is painted with oil on board with some gold leaf- a new technique that Gordon just began experimenting in the past years. This work is from 2016. It measures 21.75" x 25.5"

 It's regular price is $1650 but until December 24th, it is $1100

We will continue posting December Days with specially priced art each Thursday and Saturday.  
Check back often!