Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Pre-Shrunk is coming!

Hello artists and patrons! We know you're getting ready to tuck away for a few days for the holiday season, but the gallery elves are getting ready for the New Year. Why? Because it's almost Pre-Shrunk 2018! The best show of little works, featuring artists of all ages, artists who are well established, artists who have never shown their work before, and everything in between! Paintings, textiles, sculpture, you name it! All just 4"x5"!

We're getting SO excited we wanted to share a few sneak peek pieces that our gallery artists have been working on - BUT remember, it's an open call show so ANYONE can submit. How? Click on the "Submissions" tab above, or the link HERE. The deadline to submit is January 5th and the show opens January 19th, 7pm-9pm!

And now some Pre-Shrunk sneak peeks...

A lovely little piece by Katharine Burns on her much larger easel.

Another easel shot, this time by Gordon MacDonald, who does his Pre-Shrunks on copper!

The sweet faces of Abigail Lower's Pre-Shrunk pieces in the works.

A little crop of a piece Jan Davison has in the works. It might be a familiar scene if you're a Hali-local.

Some lovely local landscapes by Vaughn Gray.

Caitlin McGuire continues to study the library, shrinking down from 4'x5' to 4"x5".

We're also really excited that our friends over at Tidehouse Brewing are making a special Argyle Fine Art beer that will launch at the Pre-Shrunk opening!

Check them out on Twitter @TideHousebrew, but most definitely in person, they're just a hop-skip-and-a-jump from the gallery at 2-5187 Salter St, Halifax! Cheers to that!