Saturday, February 3, 2018

Pre-Shrunk is "WAVING" at you....come SEA!

We're feeling a bit punny today, so please excuse our silly title for our blog post today. :-)  Being situated near the ocean, artists can't help but paint what inspires them and the crash of waves on our Nova Scotian beaches is just the best! Here's a few more examples of the great works still available from our PRE-SHRUNK show inspired by the ocean. See the entire show online HERE to see even more works!

This air-brushed painting by Andrew Burgess is quite a delight! It's air-brushed on metal too, so in person very luminous, as waves tend to be. Especially a wave like this one, when you can look right through it.

These paintings by Briana Corr-Scott were inspired by a recent trip to Sable Island (note the Sable Island seals bobbing up and down in the waves in the lower painting) Expect to see more LARGER paintings from this series in her upcoming solo show in late Spring!
This is a painting by a new artist to us for this show- Sarah Fletcher. We love this one...really captures the East Coast shoreline!
Carey Bray is a returning artist to Pre-Shrunk. This year the sea was his inspiration again, and he really captured the splashing and sploshing of the waves