Wednesday, February 7, 2018

With every fibre of our being....we love Pre-Shrunk

Pre-Shrunk is still going strong until the middle of this month, and we're excited to report that new works of art are finding new homes each day! We are so delighted that we had a number of textile works included in the show this year. If you haven't seen the show yet, make time to visit this week,Saturday or online HERE

A returning artist to the show this year is Andrea  Tsang Jackson. This work is made up of cotton, paper and ink. It's beauty is in it's minimalism- it's called "Moon Rising".

Another artist we always look forward to including in the show, is the fine embroidery works by Yoko White. There are a number of them in the show! Yoko is a regular artist at our gallery- you can always expect to see something new from her including embroidered jewellery.

"Brown Hair Lady", Hand Embroidered by Yoko White

Tacha Reed has created a series of needle felted works for this year's show that are for both the wall and for wearing. Yes- the animal (in this case, a fox) is actually a brooch that you can wear and then return to your wall to enjoy anytime.  So innovative!

A new comer to the show this year is Catherine Vardy. She created a series of mini-quilts for the occasion. The one show below is called "Bring Me Joy", which is sure to do just that for it's new owner.
MEOW!  No show would be complete without a few cats, right? Emerging artist Jody Trainor made a whimsical series of cats. We loved this little guy....his name is "Disco Cat", made with repurposed fabric and thread.

Another new artist to the show this year, is Tamsin Sloots. Tamsin took up-cycling to another level with her abstract fibre paintings, using up-cycled jeans, gel medium and pearl cotton thread. The work below is called "Blue Dot".  Come into the gallery and put a red dot on this one (that means it's sold. :)

And one of the stars of the show, were the embroidery works by Mindy Harris, however there are still two remaining! This is from a series of embroidery paintings called "Women's Work" This is a portrait of Jane Austen.
Drop by in person or online soon! Pre-Shrunk works make great gifts for all year round...especially the upcoming Valentine's Day celebrations. See you soon!