Saturday, April 7, 2018

Crows and City Birds with Sharon Cave

Artist Sharon Cave is busy as a bird in her studio at the moment! Not only does she have her show, "Conversations with an Urban Crow" opening on Friday, April 13th from 6:30-8:30pm, and an artist talk on Wednesday, April 18th, but she's also giving a workshop on drawing urban birds with pastels on Wednesday, May 2nd!

We're exhausted just thinking about it, but not Sharon. This talented artist is excited to show and share with you! Sharon has been busy working away in her studio getting ready for her show, which features her "pet" crow, Mikey.


Sharon works primarily in oil paint and soft pastels. Known to many at the gallery for her series of wonderful chickens, Sharon first introduced us to her love of crows a few years ago during Pre-Shrunk 2017. Here Sharon talks about Mikey in her own words.

I like to think I have come to understand Mikey and understand his moods a little over this time. I enjoy trying to capture his personality and body language; his tilts of the head and facial expressions. The more I see, the more I tend to anthropomorphize… The more I want to connect.

Mikey having a snack.

As mentioned above, in addition to her show and talk Sharon is also teaching a workshop (more info about our workshops HERE), about drawing city birds with soft pastels. Here are a few examples of Sharon's city bird soft pastel studies...


Sharon's workshop is filling up fast, so give us a call today to register (902-425-9456)! And we'll you on Friday the 13th for the opening!