Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Yada Yada Yada!

Pop culture of the past and present is artist Jodie Hansen's favourite thing to illustrate on her popular cards, prints, bookmarks, stickers and now even gift wrap! Yes- for just $6 you can own a 24"x 36" sheet of gift wrap of your favourite TV or Netflix stars, from the selection below:

Of course, you can get creative and use this gift wrap for other projects around the house where a touch of Seinfeld or Star Trek is needed. :-)  Some suggestions include using the sheet as a colouring sheet, using the paper in a decoupage project or you can pick up an inexpensive frame and hang the full sheet on the wall. ART doesn't have be expensive to be great and you are still supporting a local artist when you pick up one of these darlings.

The entire frame and gift wrap came in at just under $30...not too shabby!  Pair that with some stickers and a card, and you've got the best gift for a pop culture fan of all ages.