Saturday, June 16, 2018

Come Together: Art,Science and Music

Sometimes it's hard to believe how many wonderful things happen at our modest gallery.What a community you have helped us build- we are so grateful! We have put together a little list of some happenings and hope some of you can plan to experience a few of these great things with us next week. Please tell friends and share around!

First off, we will be hosting an amazing artist talk with Briana Corr-Scott and marine biologist Nell Den Heyer on Wednesday, June 20th, 6:30-8:30pm. This talk coincides with Briana's current show on display at the gallery, called "Pieces of Sable Island".  This talk is FREE and no need to register.

At the talk, you'll hear Briana speak about her experience as an artist while visiting Sable Island last October and it's lasting impact on her. Nell Den Heyer will be here too, to answer any questions you may have about life on the island, as she works there throughout the year. There will be a short film shown too.
Briana Corr-Scott in the studio

Meet the artist, see her show, buy some art, textiles, prints or perhaps even some of the specially made candles by The Wax Brewery inspired by Sable Island. Light refreshments will be served. We look forward to seeing you!

While you are at the gallery, make sure to check out the latest  suite of works called  "Nesting Instinct" by Michelle Saint-Onge that are "nesting" in our lower gallery. This special small show of work is about the big impact of clear cutting forests. These works are in keeping with the theme of the gallery this month, which is aimed at helping people recognize the beauty of our natural environments and consider the importance of protecting them. All things great and small...

“Seeking: 3 BDRM in Nice Neighborhood" by Michelle SaintOnge
Watercolour on paper, mounted on birch board panel.20”x20”
On Thursday, June 21st, we will welcome the first day of Summer officially with FREE MUSIC during this wonderful international event, "Make Music Day", which we are proud to be part of! Expect to see a variety of musicians playing at the gallery beginning later in the afternoon until closing at 5:30pm. Check out the LINK here for more details.
See you at the gallery!

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