Friday, August 3, 2018

Dog Days of Summer

 Last Saturday, the gallery was particularly abuzz with a flurry of activity. For an afternoon, we opened our doors to welcome some new friends into our space (four-legged friends, that is!) for GREYHOUND DAY at Argyle Fine Art!

Throughout the afternoon, over twenty greyhounds and their owners came to visit the gallery for a lively meet and greet, to enjoy some treats, and of course, to check out some art!

  Graphic Designer Jodie Hansen created some wonderful greyhound-themed cards, stickers, and bookmarks, that were a really huge hit with all the greyhound owners and dog-lovers alike. We also had artist Dave Johnston (Chalkmaster Dave) with us at the gallery for the afternoon to draw greyhound portraits. He put so much care into capturing the likeness and personality of each greyhound he drew!

We were also really fortunate to have Rhonda Martins and Sandra Walsh from GPAC (Greyhound Pets of Atlantic Canada) spend the afternoon with us to answer any questions about greyhound adoption, and about the breed in general. They're both so knowledgeable about greyhounds, and contributed greatly to our fun afternoon!

The greyhounds seemed to really enjoy themselves. We made sure each dog was thoroughly spoiled with a delectable selection of treats, comfortable resting places, and a wide array of costumes for playing dress-up....okay, that part was maybe more for our enjoyment! ;)

It was great to have the gallery filled with so many sweet dogs. We're always happy to have you visit the gallery with your pets, as long as they promise to be on their best behavior!

Happy Long Weekend everyone!