Saturday, August 25, 2018

Outside Looking In: Life Drawing with a Twist

We tried something new- our first life drawing night! We set out to make our evening a bit more unique than your usual life-drawing gathering. An otherwise private experience became more public and engaging.

It's always a bit terrifying to try new things and we honestly didn't know what we were doing exactly or if anyone would show up, but between 8pm-9pm the sidewalk outside our modest gallery began to fill up with artists sketching and chatting with one another. Enjoying the evening with art. Horray! It was working!

We invited anyone to drop by and sketch while being seated outside our gallery windows while we had our fabulous live model, Carol Dill,  animate each window of the gallery for 10 minute increments , with different poses and costumes to compliment our ongoing group show, "Under the Influence" that celebrates inspiration from artists all over the world.

Each "theme" of each window was revealed from behind the blinds and screens- we had a Renaissance window, a window called "Lend me your Ear" (we think Vincent van Gogh would have approved) , a Picasso inspired window and finally a bit of pop art inspiration with bold colours, graphic lines and soup cans, of course.

Sketch by Kerry Hodgson

We're hooked and hope to offer more evenings like this, with different themes, inside and outside of the gallery. We hope you'll join us next time and we're open to hearing your ideas too!

Sketch by Kerry Hodgson