Saturday, October 13, 2018

Art Now, Sleep Later!

Today is a day we've been greatly anticipating: Nocturne 2018! Every year we look forward to Nocturne for many reasons, but particularly because it provides an opportunity to learn, see, imagine, and explore. It's always exciting to see what a great crowd this city-wide event draws, and how it encourages people to experience and engage with art in all forms, sometimes in ways like never before.

This year for Nocturne, we're really excited to be showing new works by three very talented local artists: Mary Garoutte, Isobel Hamilton, and Katharine Burns. While each of these artists explore different themes and imagery in their work, there is definitely a quiet underlying feeling that seems to tie the works together.

Mary Garoutte, Portal, 24" x 24", Oil on Birch Panel

 Mary's new body of work, "In Dreams" can be viewed on HERE.

Isobel Hamilton, Night Light, 11" x 14", Acrylic on Panel

 Isobel's new work can be viewed online HERE.

Katharine Burns, Flux, 30" x 30", Oil on Birch Panel
Katharine's new body of work, "Eventide", can be viewed online HERE.

There will also be a special video projection presented in conjunction with Katharine's work for a truly immersive ocean experience!

 In addition to the new works we have on display, there will be an interactive activity just outside of the gallery: shadow sketching! Live models will be posing to cast fun shadowy scenes, and we'll have some paper and pencils on hand so you can try your hand at live model model drawing.

We hope you'll include a stop to Argyle Fine Art in your Nocturne adventures this evening! 
See you soon! :)