Friday, March 1, 2019

Spring Sights!

Happy first day of March! The official first day of spring isn't for a few more weeks, but we're happy to have survived February, and the fact we're now into the month of March, so today we're going to celebrate a bit!

The 2019 Pre-Shrunk Show has been extended a little longer, so we're going to highlight a few pieces that are still available that exude cheery feelings of Spring.

Deb Bromley, Serene,  4" x 5" Acrylic on Wood Panel
The color palette of Deb Bromley's "Serene" feels like a big breath of fresh air. The pink blooms poking up through the grass sure have us anticipating some early tulips this year!

Emily Baron, Daisy, Oil on Board

Emily Baron's "Daisy" combines rich colors, thick, textural brushstrokes. The dark background creates a subtle moodiness that is offset by the vibrant hints of bright orange and pink. Such a lovely piece!

Gordon MacDonald, #09,  4" x 5", Oil on Copper
Deep orange and purple skies seem to abound at dawn and dusk throughout the winter, bringing a visual warmth even amidst the chilliest days. This piece by Gordon MacDonald perfectly captures the fleeting beauty that exists during the rising and setting of the sun.

Debra Judge, 03, 4" x 5",  Alcohol Ink and Resin
This bright and cheerful piece by Debra Judge is such a welcome sight to the eyes! Debra's use of ink and resin creates a really unique effect that achieves a delicate appearance translucency in the flower petals.

Susan Gilson, Stormy, 4" x 5", Oil on Canvas
Susan Gilson's painting "Stormy" features a little squirrel, a creature that will surely be happy as we humans are about the return of warmer weather!

Susan Black, Truce, Watercolor on Paper, Mounted
Susan Black has a series of beautiful watercolor paintings that are part of this year's Pre-Shrunk show. Each painting has lots of detail, and a carefully chosen color palette -perfect to brighten up a tiny corner of your home.

Vanessa Cornell, Star of Bethlehem, 4" x 5", Digital Drawing Mounted on Panel with Acrylic Paint
Vanessa Cornell's painting "Star of Bethlehem" combines both digital drawing and acrylic paint. The result of combining these two types of media is really unique; the digital drawing creates a softness while the acrylic paint adds interesting texture.

Carlos Carrillo, Lirio (Lily), 4" x 5", Watercolor and Pencil on Paper, Mounted

Carlos Carrillo's floral watercolors feature soft, pastel colors, that are so perfect for Spring! Carlos pays great attention to details, which makes each piece really full of life.

Swing by the gallery this weekend while the remainder of the show is still up! You can also check out the the whole show online here to see which pieces are available.

Happy Weekend! :)