Saturday, April 20, 2019

Bringing the Light: Isobel Hamilton

Today we are launching the beginning of the latest paintings by Isobel Hamilton. This is very exciting, as it's Isobel's first solo show with us and we are delighted!  A lot of people may not consider what it takes to make a painting. So often we just assume it some how "happens". Sometimes a popular question of artists is "How long did that take you to make?", which is also a difficult question to answer as paintings begin long before the paint hits the canvas.

It all starts as an idea and then selecting your supplies considering what mediums you will use and compositions. In Isobel's case, she even went as far as building her very own surfaces.

Sawing sawing....

Measuring and installing....

Then the sketching and planning of colour palettes is considered. Lots of trials and errors can occur before the first brush stroke of the painting even begins.

It's scary beginning anything new, but the artist has to begin somewhere and see where the painting takes them. Here's a first look at a painting by Isobel that's included in the show. We love seeing progress shots, don't you?

Starting to take shape!

There's always a moment when an artist can second guess themselves and they aren't sure if the painting is turning out the way they intended. But the artist keeps working and gets back from the easel for some perspective. In the day and age of social media, they often will share the work in progress too (WIP) and get online feedback.

But then, with more work and revision, the final painting emerges and it's very rewarding. Just look at what Isobel was able to capture in this painting! Make sure to drop by to see this painting and more works in her latest show "WARMTH OF LIGHT" by her or online HERE.  These paintings seem to almost emit  their own light.