Wednesday, April 10, 2019

International Day of PINK

Today, April 10th, is International Day of Pink. If you haven't heard of it, this initiative is intended to bring people together to stand up against against Bullying, Discrimination, Homophobia, Transphobia, and Transmisogyny around the world. People are encouraged to wear pink on this day to unite and reflect upon the ways we can all work harder and do more to create more inclusivity in our communities.

Combating ignorance and intolerance starts with being conscious of our own actions and the efforts we personally make to be inclusive in our interactions and relationships with others. Striving to spread attitudes of greater diversity and inclusivity into our schools and workplaces in particular, is paramount in creating safer spaces and greater equality.

As a way to spread awareness, people are encouraged to wear pink. Here at the gallery, we've gathered a selection of works that feature the color pink as a way to stand in solidarity.

Kim Floyd, Marbles on Pink, 4" x 5", Acrylic on Board

Vanessa Cornell, Star of Bethlehem, 4" x 5", Digital Drawing Mounted on Panel with Acrylic Paint

Paulette Melanson, Connections #3, 4" x 5", Acrylic on Wood

George Spencer, Lilies No. 3, 4" x 5", Oil on Wood Panel

Danny Abriel, Sambro, 4" x 5",  Acrylic on Canvas

Caitlin McGuire, Time for Judge Judy, 12"x 24", Oil on Canvas

Jasper Richard, “Cat’s Birthday”, 18”x14”, Acrylic on Canvas

Kim Floyd, "Moon Mist", 9"x12", Acrylic on Board

Gordon MacDonald, The Choice to See, 36" x 48", Oil on canvas, mounted on panel

Happy International Day of Pink everyone! Let's raise each other up!