Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Argyle Fine Art | Dog Friendly Halifax


What fun this session was!

I was asked to photograph a gorgeous Samoyed inside an art gallery in Halifax - how cool is that??
Adriana, the owner of Argyle Fine Art will be hosting an event at the gallery just for Samoyeds, so it was a perfect opportunity to create some promotional images for the gallery while also featuring another dog friendly business here on the blog! I’ve done a number of these sessions in dog friendly businesses over the last few years, so definitely check out some previous blog to find other awesome businesses to visit with your pups!

I’ve been following (and adoring) Inu for quite a while on her Instagram account, and I asked her mum if she’d be interested in modeling for me.
Inu said yes ;)
It was a VERY chilly morning, but the gallery was so nice and warm. Inu was an absolutely fabulous model, and happy to sit and smile wherever we asked her to! She’s obviously got lots of practice as an Instagram pup. We explored all corners of the gallery and I even created some images while standing outside and looking through the window at her.
Take a look at some of my favourites below - can you see why I’m so smitten with this fluffy cutie?

Make sure to find Argyle Fine Art and Inu the Samoyed on social media so you can keep up with them both! What is your favourite dog friendly business in Halifax??