Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Give ART this Valentine's Day: Art Lasts Forever

Well it's almost that time of year again...Valentine's Day! In case you are still looking for some gift ideas, we've got you covered.Show a special someone or friend how much you care with lots of love, and maybe some art this year! This adorable felted mouse is ready to give someone a hug!

We always have a variety of cards, jewellery, prints and more that are affordable, unique and by local artists too! Check out this neat, upcycled way of giving the gift of flowers we've put together that is unique, earth friendly and just in time for VALENTINE'S DAY....take a read!

Once upon a time there was a fence. It was a very good fence doing fencey-like things, but one day it was time for the fence to retire.

What would become of the fence?!? "Wood" it become firewood or be left to decay....noooooo!

Or would it become ART! Yes! It became these ZERO WASTE beautiful floral vase wall holders made by Rachel Reeve shown below. Each one is handmade and different from the next, fashioned with an up-cycled test-tube vase and ready to hang on any wall with cut flowers, herb sprigs...whatever you like!

For just $50 you can pick up one of these beauties from us beginning Thursday, February 13th! We have a limited supply so if you'd like to secure one call us asap to put one aside for you! It includes packing and an enclosure card. We are filling each of these little vases with flowers and greenery from our neighbours down the street, The Flower Shop. 

Then after Valentine's day, use the the wall hanging all year long! It would be lovely to include in your outside garden or patio to display freshly cut garden flowers, at the office or  later in the year too at Christmas time, with sprigs of holly and red berries. 

Art gifts just keep giving and giving all year long! 
RJ Marchand, Acrylic on board, 4" x 5"
With our Pre-Shrunk show still in full swing, we have also put together a few great gift options below but to see more simply click HERE. Each of the works shown measure 4" x 5" and are $175  by a variety of artists. 

For your Queen or King of Hearts...these ceramic works are by Trevor Novak

For the real love birds out there, why not pick up PICKLE by Rachel Ogden. Such a pretty birdy!
Or this blue beauty by Heidi Holloway
Of course, with all these birds we couldn't not include a bee, like this beeee-autiful bee by Marian Mazerall
Perhaps you are planning a special meal out...this painting by Jan Daivson is of a date-night favourite in Halifax
You will never have to water these flowers by Raquel Roth...such beautiful colours and texture on this one! Flowers are always a great choice, like the Poppies by Kelly Mitchemoore or the delicate blooms by Debbie Lamey- MacDonald  and Zan Ahoy (below)

Drop by soon and discover all of these and more! Happy art looking! 

Vanessa Cornell "Love Letters", 4" x 5". mixed media