Thursday, April 15, 2021

Road Trip Time!

 Our current exhibit GET OUTTA TOWN, continues until April 28th and we are delighted with what the artists have put together for all of us to enjoy. It's a rather nostalgic group show, remembering what it feels like to travel to places far but also near-by! Where are you planning on visiting this Summer?

In fact, quite a few of the artworks submitted were inspired by local destinations that many of us living in Atlantic Canada can at still visit (but we miss everyone else and can't wait until you can visit too!) 

A new artist to us; Alicia Braganza, approached us with these two similar compositions of driving on a country road, with warm evening sun peeking through the trees and around the bend. This is inspired by her drive with family to a cottage in Amherst, Nova Scotia.

Alicia Braganza, The Road Less Travelled #1, 19.5 diameter, acrylic on canvas

A popular highway to begin your "escape" nearby, is the Highway 103. Here's a lovely painting by Craig Baltzer that captures a mood of the road trip. Maybe heading out to the airport to begin a longer journey or perhaps just heading home from a visit to a near-by park. 

Speaking of near by parks, have you travelled to the Thomas Raddall Provincial Park lately? The journey is lovely and once you arrive you are in for a treat! Go for a day trip or if you are lucky, camp for the night. There are lots of cottages for rent along this route too. We LOVE this new painting by Heidi Holloway of the area.

If you walk along the shorelines, make sure to take the time to look into tide pools. There are many inlets and coves to discover like in this painting that almost sparkles in person with sea-life. Just look at the colours and depth in this recent painting by Erin Hollingshead.

Make sure to add some ART to your life this Summer Season and support local culture in the communities you find yourself. Safe Travels!