Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Dusan Postolovic Serves up the "The Day's Catch"

We're excited to introduce you to an exciting new body of work by gallery newcomer Dusan Postolovic!  "The Day's Catch" will be Dusan's first solo exhibition at Argyle Fine Art. Originally from Vancouver BC, Dusan has been a Halifax resident for 3 years.  You may be familiar with Dusan's intricate coloured pencil drawings as he has regularly contributed to past group shows in recent years.

"The Day's Catch" represents 14 new original artworks which opens officially on July 30th!

Dusan Postolovic, "Maine Jewel" (Detail)

Dusan Postolovic, "Maine Jewel", 11" x 13", coloured pencil and graphite on watercolour paper.

Despite dabbling in all different forms of visual arts, Dusan has always gravitated toward drawing and colored pencil work. He has found inspiration for his early works in cartoons, nature books, television shows and the world around him. 

Dusan Postolovic "Claw Study", 5" x 7", coloured pencil and graphite on watercolor paper

This current body of work is a collection of some of Dusan's favorite sea life that he has always wanted to capture in colored pencil drawings. The Cotton Candy Lobster (for example) is one of the worlds' rarest varieties (about 1 in a million!). Here's a sneak peak from the upcoming show;

Dusan's "Cotton Candy" (Detail)

Cotton Candy Lobster in Real Life! (Photo Credit: Internet Source)

We hope you get a chance and drop by to see the show and meet the artist this Friday, July 30th, 4:30-6:30pm. You're really going to want to see these amazing artworks in person!