Tuesday, August 17, 2021

It's been a while....how's it going?

 Hey everyone!  Sorry we haven't been keeping up this blog lately! The summer is just whoooshing by, and we keep meaning to say HI over here more often!  We hope you've all been enjoying the season of sun and fun, and invite you to remember to pop by when you are in the city again, for some art therapy with us. 


We've been busy beavers these days, and thanks to the generous support of the Downtown Halifax Business Commission we've been able to create an actual website.Special thanks also goes out to Nick Brunt; one of our gallery artists, that also helped get this underway. Horray! Have you checked it out yet?  HEAD ON OVER TO www.argylefineart.com and take a peek around!


Also thanks to the Downtown Halifax Business Commission,we will be setting up an outdoor gallery space to showcase art soon.We'll be featuring affordable prints, postcards and small works perfect for anyone walking past that needs a little art break in their day.

An affordable NEW print by Briana Corr Scott

NEW MOON print is by Erin Hollingshead


Have you heard about our ART IS ALL AROUND US  WALKING TOUR? We'd love to show you around the city of Halifax on a fun art-centric tour of murals and public art in the downtown core! Find out more information HERE and BOOK YOUR TOUR WITH US TODAY either through the link or if you'd prefer, call us directly! Tourism Nova Scotia has been helping us a lot along the way- special thanks to Melanie Lowe! Currently tours run on Tuesdays and Saturdays!

On top of that, we have lots of NEW SHOWS UPCOMING and have added a few new artists to our roster too!  We can't wait to see you all again- our gallery is a safe space and we take Covid-19 protocol seriously so everyone can get back to having more fun on a more regular basis while keeping others safe! SEE YOU SOON!  

PS-  The below poster is part of our NEWISH POSTER POLE GALLERY! Check out all the posters along Barrington Street or HERE! ENJOY!