Saturday, January 29, 2022

PRE-SHRUNK 2022, Halifax's Biggest Small Art Exhibition!

The biggest little show of the year is now officially open!  We've got over 300 mini artworks from almost 100 artists from across Canada! Each Fall we put out a call for submissions which results in hundreds of artists entries. In January, a Jury is selected to sort through the long list of applicants, and curate the collection. The successful artists are contacted, and within a few short weeks the exhibition is shipped, documented, uploaded online and installed on-site for the opening reception!

PreShrunk 2022 Installation View 1

Many of our contributors have shared their PreShrunk art with us over many years...some are exhibiting with us for the very first time! We're always amazed by the quality and variety of artworks we receive...  

PreShrunk 2022 Installation View 2

On Friday (Jan 28th) Pre-Shrunk 2022 opened its doors to the public! With gathering restrictions still in place we still managed to provide a welcoming reception for our artists and patrons... 

PreShrunk 2022 Installation View 3

We're thrilled by the amount of support we've received so far.  Works are selling quickly, and we've been bombarded with calls and social media requests by eager art collectors looking to snatch up their favorite pieces...

PreShrunk 2022 Installation View 4

With the show now on view we'd like to invite everyone to drop by the gallery for a visit. As many of you already know it's always best to see the artwork in person! There's something special about experiencing art in a physical space.  For those of you from away, the entire collection can be viewed online HERE

Angela Carlsen, (Left) Record Player Diorama, (Right) Fridge Diorama, mixed media

All of our PreShrunk artworks, measure 4" x 5", and are not limited to paintings! In fact we're starting to see more 3D, mixed media and sculptural pieces...

(Left) Nancy Wilson, (Centre) Brigitte St-Arnaud, (Right) Yoko White

Nancy Wilson, "Tracy from Cape Breton", wool felt and roving in wood,
Brigitte St-Arnaud, "Chicken in the Enchanted Garden", 4" x 5", fabric, mixed media on board,
Yoko White, "Rainbow Cake", 4" x 5", hand embroidered cotton on canvas.

Annie Murray, "Glory Girl", 5" x 4", acrylic on canvas

Paula Fredericks, "Sailor's Delight", 5" x 4", mixed media on board

Rachel Ogden, "Docs and Vans", 4" x 5", acrylic on board


There's many ways to show your support for local artists. Our PreShrunk exhibition is an amazing way to experience the local art scene, and to discover NEW artists from across Canada. At $175 (+HST) each, these affordable artworks are easily accessible and make great gifts!

For best selection drop by the gallery or visit us online

You can also view the PreShrunk collection on our Flickr page HERE

Simply browse our Flickr album and contact us with your selections. We're working hard to keep our online info up-to-date.  "SOLD" works will be indicated as such in the image description.

Screen Shot, PreShrunk 2022 on Flickr!

Screen Shot, PreShrunk 2022 on Flickr...showing "SOLD"

THE GALLERY DIRECTLY (Not through Flickr)

(902) 425-9456 or via email 

Featured artworks are available for purchase, but are going fast!
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PreShrunk 2022 continues until Feb 22!