Saturday, April 20, 2024

Every artwork has a story!

Have you had a chance to see our current show "I'd Rather Be Home in My Sweatpants"? This group show includes over 30 local artists and 60+ artworks! 

Each artist was asked to respond to the title and cozy theme in their own way, all mediums were welcomed and encouraged!  

Check out these TEXTILE artworks by artists in the show and learn about the inspiration behind their pieces! 


"Three Sisters", Textile, 8"x8"

"A Chance of Rain" Textile, 8”x8”

"I love creating landscapes from pieces of fabric and thread. Rather than mixing paint, I carefully assess and select fabric based on colours, textures and prints to create imaginary places. All from the comfort of my home. I enjoy walking in nature and being outside, but usually in more isolated places. Then I retreat back home to my studio to create things, and hand stitch while sitting in a comfortable chair fueled by many hot drinks and snacks."


"Eric", Knitted Wool, 14"

Knitting and lobsters are both special parts of my life and come together quite naturally. I learned how to knit in Arnold's Cove, Newfoundland with my Nanny Alice May, and my Poppy had around 40 lobster traps off the coast of Woody Island when my dad was growing up. I love to hear the lobster stories – and I even have a big lobster tattooed on my back! When I brought my son to Newfoundland to see family he asked me to knit him a purple lobster. Then, my sister asked if I could knit a white one for her wedding she had in St John's. The requests for lobsters and crustacean patterns just kept coming! Another lovely knitter Cassandra Harada and I chatted about lobster sweaters and she actually made the first one – a fisherman cable style with sleeves for all the legs (but not the claws). I made my own version with a fair isle yoke – and I haven't stopped since!"


"Spring Sweater" Crochet, Wool and Buttons, M/L

"Crocheting was taught to me by my grandmother, I think of her whenever I’m making a sweater. I enjoy the process of selecting colours, one colour leads to thoughts of another, and the palette expands organically. I’ve always enjoyed seeing how different colours react to one another. Crocheting holds a special place in my heart, evoking a sense of warmth and nostalgia."

Artist Kerry Hodgson stopped by the gallery and modelled Blaire's sweater for us! Other artworks from the group show visible in the background.

Gallery Manager Emily modelled the sweater too! Looks great on all shapes, sizes and ages! 

See the full "I'd Rather Be Home in My Sweatpants" show HERE