Thursday, April 18, 2024

Get to know the inspiration behind the works in "I'd Rather Be Home in My Sweatpants" !

 This past Friday we opened our group show "I'd Rather Be Home in My Sweatpants" and it was an amazing turn out! Thank you to everyone who came out, it was great to see so many happy faces out of the house and enjoying LOCAL ART!

This group show included over 30 local artists and 60+ artworks! We were so excited to see the many artists submissions and the ideas that came from this theme. 

To celebrate the show and to get to know these local artists we have asked a few to share their inspiration behind the works they've made and what this cozy-homey theme meant to them... keep your eyes peeled for multiple posts highlighting different artists and their work! 


"Ted Lasso" 12"x12", Oil on Board 

"My dog, Georgia O’Keeffe, husband and I enjoyed this television series because of the main character’s approach to life and his teaching philosophy based on belief and perseverance. His focus on believing was met with scepticism at the beginning of the series, but eventually inspired and motivated all of the characters on the show
When I was in grade 5, I was introduced to a similar inspirational person (@darylsteeves) who let me join the YMCA’s gymnastic team. My sister, was already a member. This was a life-changing moment for me. I had never been on a sports team. He welcomed me and let me train with the team. He always made our strict training agenda a lot of fun. I am forever grateful for Coach Daryl and his positive influence on living a joyful, fun and healthy life"

"Braiding Hair" 12"x12", Oil on Board

"In this intimate oil painting, a tender moment unfolds as Annie, the older sister, braids the hair of her younger sibling, Molly. Taken from an old photograph, this ordinary scene resonates within my heart. It embodies the timeless sentiment of sisterly love and care. As I enter empty nest and the world sometimes feels upside down I reminder to cherish life's fleeting moments. Joy, gratitude, and warmth a simple gesture that encapsulates the beauty of sisterhood and the bittersweet journey of parenthood."

Melinda Sheehan with her painting at the "I'd Rather Be Home in My Sweatpants" opening.


"Work from Home, Live at Work" 12"X12", Acrylic and Coloured Pencil on Canvas

"This is the window in my home office during the first lockdown in March 2020. I worked for Communications Nova Scotia at this time and we were sent to work from home indefinitely. My team was responsible for keeping the government website about coronavirus up to date, a task that consumed countless hours of overtime work. At some point I made the word HELLO with hot-pink post-it notes in my office window that overlooked my suburban cul-de-sac. Instead of showing the actual view from my window, I've painted a view of my own house as a nod to how surreal those early days were."


"Sanctuary" 24"x30", Acrylic on Canvas

"As an abstract painter who paints from intuition and personal feelings, I find painting for a theme very challenging.  As I was painting and thinking about the theme for this show, I ended up with what looked like a couple embracing in what seemed like a sanctuary.  I only noticed this at the end as I was trying to find a title for the painting.  My 'sanctuary' is being at home with my best friend and partner in life.  His name is Mike. He is the person that I am the most comfortable with and with whom I feel comfortable wearing the most ugly sweatpants and paint clothes."

"Bouquet"  Acrylic on Canvas, 24”x30”

"The bouquet is from Mike, my partner in life.  It brings colour to the dreariness of winter as I lie down on the couch in my sweatpants watching TV - a habit I've had since we met 25 years ago. You know you are with your lifemate when you're comfortable doing that."

Paulette and her husband Mike posing with her paintings at the gallery.

See the full "I'd Rather Be Home in My Sweatpants" show HERE