Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Artist a Day: June 13th. Chris Wallace

It's another beautiful day, which makes this announcement even more pleasant to share. We're delighted to feature the newest collection of work by the talented Chris Wallace, who is the newest addition to the list of artists we represent. Adriana has had her eye on Chris's work for some time now, and just recently we've discovered  that he's able to 
dedicate himself to his art practice once again, after a successful career in business.  
We can't wait to show you this extraordinary collection of Tempera paintings...
                                   "Nests" Egg Tempera on Panel  10" x 25.5" Chris Wallace

Want to be added to his fan list? This allows us to alert you when new works from the artist come in, before we notify the rest of our clientele. Just let us know via email or phone 902.425.9456 and we'll add you to the list.