Saturday, June 9, 2012

Artist a Day: June 9th, Shelley Mitchell

Well there you have it, it's finally Saturday, and it's pouring cats and kittens. 
 I try to remind myself on a day like today, the beauty in 
a good rain storm and it's enormous puddles. 

  Have a look at Shelley Mitchell's most recent exhibition  - This show exemplifies the beauty of the often rugged nature around us. No need to wait for idyllic blue skies! Take her piece titled "Look Out!" for instance... takes your breath away doesn't it? The way she's rendered the misty lilac sky and the wind chopping away at the wave top is just incredible.    

 "Look Out!" Oil on Canvas 48" x 60" Shelley Mitchell

Thankfully our city puddles haven't reached this size just yet, but if they do, I won't be leaving the gallery today. Instead, I'll park myself in front of Shelley's
 painting, and enjoy the view from in here.