Saturday, February 1, 2014

BIRDS of a Feather: Pre-Shrunk Takes FLIGHT!

It's hard to believe that one week has rushed past since PRE-SHRUNK opened- complete with a snow day thrown in there for good measure). There are so many lovelies left to purchase and enjoy. You can see the entire show online at (pre-Shrunk 2014)  but we thought we'd highlight a few more pieces here before the weekend. 

Seems BIRDS were a popular choice for many artists to paint, draw, felt and sparkle (?) The great thing about this show is that it literally has something for everyone! Come and discover it this week ahead!

Crow- Lindsay Hicks
Joyce Glasner uses collage and has a number of works in the show! So beautiful!
He's the cock of the Walk! Gregg Tracey submitted a number of small works that feature his roosters!
Terry Greencorn painted this sweet bird- it almost has a vintage appearance. A bird from the past.

Emily Comeau....yes....yes...those are sparkles! And they're are fabulous!
This little piece is by Mirco Chen. The Crane actually has it's very own Pinterest Account that you can find by scanning the QRCode in the painting! Follow him as he pins birdseed and other birdy-sort things.  

A little art joke by Ed Beals. Also, this is a peep. We'll eat lots of these around Easter time.
Tacha Reed- Felted work of amazing. Tacha has a number of works in the show!
 Come see all the BIRDS at PRE-SHRUNK!  They await your visit!