Friday, February 28, 2014

mewmew / woofwoof

Cat Person/Dog Person has been a bright burst of colour during a month that typically makes you want to stay home and bundle up. We've got a long long list of phenomenally adorable artworks on display, perfect for your mid winter art treat! Have a looky-see at some of the fantastic (and super affordable!) 
 lovelies on feature at the gallery! Cat Person/ Dog Person runs until March 4th!

...Oh, and if it's too blustery outside your window, don't fret my pet - just have a look at the show ONLINE and give us a telephone call if you have a favourite you want to scoop up! 902.425.9456

Yoko White "Dog and Snake" Hand Embroidered onto Cotton 4" $45
Nicole Kading "Grumpy Nyan" 4" x 5" $75

                                         (Below Left: Sophie Jaillet "Bed 2" Original Drawing $250 
                             Right: Natalie Slater (Shisho Pottery) Cat Planter & Dog Planter $30 each)

Rita Van Tassel "Cat Hangers" $40 each

"Pom Pom Cat" by Emily Comeau $100

(Below Right: Chelle Wootten Totes $60 each Left: Bethany Buttersworth Cat Magnets $10 each)

Angela Doak Prints ranging from $5.50 to $20
Amber Solberg "King Cat (British Shorthair) 6" x 8.5" $180
Megan Fildes "Weirdo Cat Pins" $12 each
Isabelle Pineau, Dog Earrings (Hand Drawn onto Plastic) $15