Thursday, April 14, 2016

Animal Crossing with Jodie Hansen

If you've been in the gallery you've definitely picked up a card by Jodie Hansen, and it has more than likely made you giggle. A master of puns, Jodie daylights as a Senior Designer at Trampoline Branding, and moonlights as card making mastermind.

In addition to her wonderful sense of humour, Jodie is a highly skilled illustrator. This January she participated in our annual Pre-Shrunk Show of 4"x5" works, creating the adorable owl and fox you see below.

Jodie enjoyed making these pieces so much she decided to expand on them by creating a new series of cards and prints. She's kindly share some of her process with us and we in turn are excited to share it with you!

Here are some of the pieces in their early sketching phase...

Once satisfied with a sketch Jodie methodically inks the work, creating bold graphic lines.

 Then comes the BEST step of all (in my humble opinion), the COLOUR!

Jodie's aesthetic is bright and vibrant, making her cards and prints great for collecting, gifting and framing.

Stop in today to see them yourself. You can also follow Jodie on her Instagram page.

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