Thursday, April 21, 2016

City of Colour

Hello art lovers and aficionados! We hope you've been enjoying this beautiful, warm and sunny day as much as we have been at the gallery! As the weather gets warmer the city also becomes more colourful, and speaking of colour...

We are so excited that Caitlin McGuire, artist and gallery assistant here at Argyle, has turned one of our favourite paintings, Building a City, into a postcard that YOU can colour! Here is the original painting, which stands at 6'x7'!

Building a City, Oil on Canvas, 6'x7', 2015

Here is Caitlin with the piece to get a sense of it's size:

Caitlin stands at about 5'3" normally, 5'5"-ish with her boots on.

And here is the illustration for the post card, which will be 4"x5"!

Building a City, Caitlin McGuire

 A slight difference in scale from the original. Usually a painting comes after the drawing, but Caitlin reverse engineered her painting so you can add your own colourful spin to the Halifax downtown and waterfront!

The postcards will be arriving tomorrow, and are a great way to share your love of the city and also have some fun and play with colour! And once more, speaking of colour...

How great are these colourful lights on our neigbour down-the-street, the Freak Lunchbox's mural by artist Jason Botkin? We are digging it!

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