Friday, April 15, 2016

Venturing off the highway with Angela Carlsen.

You never know what you might find when you leave the highway and set out on a backroad adventure. That's the kind of adventure artist Angela Carlsen revels in - the uncertainty and discovery of veering off the main track.

Carlsen recently brought in several new pieces from one of her most recent road trips. During this trip she ventured off the highway and ended up in Cario, Illinois, the southernmost city in the state. Cairo is also where the Mississippi and the Ohio rivers meet, steeped in history it's a location that played a key role in the United States Civil War.

Cairo 2, Phototransfer on Aluminum, 10"x10"
As a city that relied heavily on trade from the river and rail lines, the population of Cairo has slowly declined with it's economic hardships, and it's historic downtown is largely abandoned. This historic downtown is what captivated Carlsen, who spoke of beautiful buildings in need of repair alongside building foundations that have stairs that now lead to nowhere.

Steam Heat, Phototransfer on Aluminum, 11"x14"
Carlsen's pieces are all phototransfers on aluminum, a way of working that she has become known for. As such these pieces look as though they're illuminated from within, glowing and changing depending on the light and time of day.

Cairo 1, Phototransfer on Aluminum, 10"x10"

As with most works these are pieces you have to see in person to truly enjoy their beautiful light reflecting surfaces, colours and detail. You can see more of Carlsen's work online here

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