Friday, June 3, 2016

Crustacean Invasion

The crustaceans are coming! The crustaceans are coming! 

Loafer Lobsters by Kim Danio

Actually they're already here...

Lobster Loafers by Kim Danio

We've been over taken by artist Kim Danio's amazing reclaimed shoe crustaceans. Danio is such a clever and considered artist, there isn't anything she can't create out of a previously loved shoe, but these loafer lobsters truly are something else!

Loafer Lobsters by Kim Danio

Lobsters aren't getting all the crustacean love today though, these two adorable hermit crabs have also scuttled into the gallery.

Reclaimed Shoe Hermit Crabs by Kim Danio

These guys are so cute they definitely need some names. Any suggestions?

Reclaimed Shoe Hermit Crabs by Kim Danio

Lastly we can't forget about our most invasive crustacean pal of all, the green crab! While he may not be native to Nova Scotia, he's really enjoying the Maritimes. So much so that in addition to Danio's reclaimed shoe crab, artist Angela Doak has created prints and even an orginial miniature green crab collage.

Reclaimed Shoe Green Crab by Kim Danio, with framed original collage and crab print by Angela Doak

Green Crab Original Collage, Angela Doak Paper, 4"x5"

Thanks for stopping by, softshell and hardshell pals alike!